There’s so many reasons for people to not do anything these except look out for self, we turn on the tv, social media etc…. and see political reasons to safety reasons. It’s very important to know the youth are watching and are picking up on what we are or aren’t doing. It’s great to be […]

Danny P Ocean First off let me preface this by saying I love hip-hop and the culture that it gave me. I probably have been affected more by hip-hop than any other single culture. The culture of hip-hop introduced me to Malcolm X, jazz, and a multitude of books I may have never picked up. […]

This is a debate that I plan on jumping in a little later, but for viewing pleasure you can check out KRS-One, Slaughterhouse, ?uestlove, and Q-Tip. Afterwards let us know your input. Has Hip Hop done more harm than good in our communities?

The blue wings say one thing about the innocence of a child…the assault rifle says something altogether different. Welcome to his world…

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.990535&w=425&h=350&fv=]  I’m tired of turning on the tv and seeing another Oprah special about some kid who killed himself due to being bullied. When I was a shorty Ma-Dukes told me to pick up the closet thing and knocking the living shit out of the person! Not sit there like some defenseless soul […]

The first edition of The Lyric apparently was not well received 🙁 I expected at least one or two responses, but….I’m movin’ on. This week’s post features a piece that discusses the struggle of youth. Children are very close to my heart. And as we pass along a world that is increasingly difficult to understand, […]

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