Your Old Droog

So, we can finally put this story to rest….Your Old Droog is a white dude from Brooklyn, like he said from the beginning, and Nas apparently has nothing to do with him.  He used the ominous gossip contrived by the media to push his career ahead a few steps; and rightfully so.  While Droog obviously digs […]

Your Old Droog comes thru with Prodigy on some Hoodie Weather shit!

If you live in a cave you probably haven’t been watching the never-ending saga of Your Old Droog.  Half of the industry believes he is actually Nas. Others believe he’s a white kid from Brooklyn that is  nice with the bars.  While the similarities are uncanny, I personally don’t think it’s Nas.  I’m not going to […]

News anchor crushed are real Fam!!! Everyday the same beautiful faces spit the daily happenings to you so that you can stay on game.  I’m talking the old homely looking ladies, but the ones with style and class. Those are the ones I like. Our good friend Your Old Droog has so much of a […]

    Well what do we have here?? Your Old Droog is going to not only show his face, but he will also rap a taste. This has been one of the great mysteries of 2014, just who exactly is Droog? Many including myself swear up and down that it is Nasir Jones, while others […]

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