Young Money

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Boy Drake is getting that good old fashion promotion. The type that’s reserved for Madonna, MJ, Prince, and even Lady Gaga. The type that record companies put into you when they believe in you. The promotion that comes along ever-so often to certain cats who have the burden of lifting an entire industry out of […]

Today is the big day, some of y’all been waiting for this day like the return of Jordan or something. SIr Drizzy Drake drops his long-awaited album, Thank Me Later. Even though with all of the quality music Drake has released the past few years, it would make this hard to consider his debut album. […]

So the moment has arrived, Drizzy Drake has sprung a leak and by now I am sure most of you have already played it about ten times. And I will say it takes at least three times to realize what you are listening to. First and foremost, this is the next shit. Not so much […]

40-year-old Puff has added another title to his resume: co-manager of both Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. A source close to Mr. Combs confirmed  saying that Diddy and his own personal manager James Cruz will now be handling Nicki’s career. XXL’s latest cover star recently fired her old manager, Debra Antney of Mizay Entertainment. Antney, […]

Looks like the official hype for Drake has begun. How many Moguls are patiently waiting for the album to drop?

Drake has a mountain expectation to climb with his debut album Thank Me Later. We probably haven’t seen so much hype surrounding a rookie since Snoop. Not only does he have live up to every fan’s mythological dream, he also has to hold it down for Young Money while Lil Wayne serves his debt to […]

“I’ll show you how to do this son!” In these new rules of the record business, the question for upcoming artist is how can they make a dent in the scene. With so many rappers and so little budget monies what is an artist to do? As we all know record companies are not here […]


This is Part 2 of them ballin out across the pond. You can see Part 1 here.  Next time y’all take a trip call us up Baby! We down with spending a few!

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