Yacht Rock

If you not Yacht Rocking it, you are losing Moguls! Simple as that, bottom line. Hall & Oats – She’s Gone You love to hear the story again and again. You know the one, man meets woman. Man breaks up with woman. Man walks around the house like someone pissed in the last of the waffle […]


Yacht Rock has returned hotter than fish grease. Who can’t accomplish whatever they want with a Little Luck? Paul and crew named Wings took us there back in the day with a song that sounds like it is straight out of the Casio keyboard factory.  

This is the song you play when you want to mope around in the sadness that you created. What was once happy young love has now turned into a memory of a love that is gone.  You know when you were young, dumb, and full of cum; you feel that your love would last forever. […]

First of all let me apologize Moguls. It is rough out here as I navigate the sea in my yacht. So I done fooled around and missed giving you a few episodes of Yacht Rock. But damnit I am back like a player. Speaking of Player…….. Baby Come Back is one of those jams that […]

If I ever sail to Africa I swear to you Moguls, this song will be on repeat. This is one of those classics that make you feel a certain way every time you hear it. The song even makes up for the racist video that Toto made for this jam. Racist you ask??? What else […]

I never heard of this chick until AFTER Destiny’s Child redid her song. I wonder how it feels to sing a cover of your own song that was made popular 30 years after you did it? Oh well here is another Yacht Rock jewel that will have your party smoothed out.

White people didn’t have all of the fun during the Yacht Rock days, The Commodores got in on the magic too. If you could bottle up Yacht Rock and sell it, it would smell like Sail On; cool and refreshing good times never felt so good.  Go on Lionel ya dig!!! Sail On is that jam […]

Have you ever danced thru the Milky Way? Me neither, but listening to this song sure makes a Brother feel as if he had. Anne Murray with her raspy voice had men wanting to meet her at midnight. I can remember my Grandma playing this song being that she was a big country music fan, So […]

I love Yacht Rock. There is something about some smooth rock playing when the windows are down and you are out on the open road. Ya dig?? If you don’t know what Yacht Rock is, then shame on you. In fact shame on your parents also because somewhere along the way they dropped the ball. […]

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