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Yeah you read that right Moguls…. ESPN and World Wrestling Entertainment have announced a partnership that will bring weekly highlights from the WWE to ESPN. Although WWE is known for it’s prefabricated outcomes this move could be big time for them. Getting their brand into more houses on a weekly bases is one big promotional […]

No one likes a bully. Not even a bully’s mom. So to drive that point home, Diddy teamed up with the WWE to film a PSA on bullies. On a serious note…. do bullies go to heaven?

The greatest wrestler of all time died today ladies and gentlemen. Now usually I don’t post much on the weekends, but I will be a lame if I,  personally don’t express my feelings. See to me, Macho Man was wrestling!! While other youngins’ clapped for Hulk Hogan, I was on that Macho Man Kool-Aid!! He […]

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