World Cup

USA Basketball vs Turkey Full Highlights FIBA 2014 by RapHipHopExclusives I sure hope you are watching Team USA try to snag the gold medal. This is good basketball, especially if you are one of those cats who love to complain that the NBA only focuses on a handful of teams. Now you can see what […]

  So here we are less than a month away and Kevin Durant decides to take his ball and go home!! Durant is arguably the best player left standing on Team USA so this departure will hurt bad. Real bad.  And we are not surprised are we? With the recent season injury to Paul George, […]

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The 2010 World Cup has ended with Spain hoisting the coveted trophy.  I definitely wouldn’t qualify as a top soccer authority, but I did watch the intense competition with great interest.  I spent most of my time trying to learn as much as possible and appreciate the beauty of the world’s most popular sporting event […]

See you in Brazil you futbol heads!!!

Naomi Campbell was on hand to pack away the World Cup trophy in its special Louis Vuitton travel case. Campbell wore special gloves as she handled the 14-pound, 15-inch, 18 carat solid gold trophy! I don’t know if y’all know but “football” trophies ain’t cheap!!

…then You Don’t Know Sports If you’re like me…then at times you can be more Urban than Mogul.  In order to be a true Urban Mogul…you’ve got to be able to expand your horizons.  Up until the last World Cup Tourny in 2006…I was one of the many self-proclaimed sports fans that had NO I-D-E-A! […]

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