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When I first pulled this off the Web, the first thing that caught my eye was the silver bracelet fashioned into a bird’s talon. The bracelet can be found on-line relatively easily by searching the keyword: talon bracelet. A number of vendor’s carr it ranging from $16.00 -$100.00+. It varies depending on whether you want real silver […]

Damn, this purse looks good enough to jump in.




$35; express.com

We can dig Bar Refaeli playing tennis in her under.me’s. In fact, we can dig her in anything that deals with her being in underwear.

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Ladies could yo rock a cartoon bag? If so JumpFromPaper has your look.The “Cartoon” Handbags are the real thing only thing missing is your theme song. $80    

Since Aisha’s first appearance in UML‘s Daily Fresh feature back in December of 2010 was such a big hit, I have no idea why I never followed it up with more. It’s actually one of the most popular posts in UML’s history…digg that?? In honor of Aisha’s strong and consistent support of our cause…we pay our […]

  Cameron Diaz has been named the Ambassador for TAG Heuer. Diaz says, “I am thrilled to be here in Switzerland to be a part of the launch of the Link Lady. Throughout my career, I have been very selective about aligning myself with brands. I love the fact that TAG Heuer challenges the rules […]

  Fred Perry has decided to release the final collaboration with Amy Winehouse. “After much consideration and with the blessing of Amy’s family, Fred Perry has decided to release the AW11 range and wholesale the SS12 Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection. Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration and her signature style is […]

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