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Like Mother…Like Daughter. UML celebrates two generations of Brown Beauty!


Creativity and jewelry go hand in hand. A jeweler from https://metalcouture.com/product-category/engagement/ takes time to craft a piece from the inspiration around them, with hopes that the art will translate the same beauty to the buyer as it did to the creator. However, as with all artist it is a process to get the art to […]


  Ladies, do you think you could get your Fresh on in these? Raw Shoe Blog


Let me make this clear off top…. I am not an Eric Benet fan. Nothing against dude at all, but he just ain’t what I would pop in when it is chill time with my lady friend. It could be possible that my lack of interest goes back to the fact that the homie used […]


  Black Alligator Wedge Red alligator d’orsay with ankle cuff White and black karung sandal Raw Shoes Blog

 And Hell…my opinion’s as valid as anybody else’s…right? Everything about this picture is Sexy… 😉

Ladies & Gentlemen…Love 4 Dream…  

Jennifer Lopez keeps the checks coming in by being the face for L’Oreal’s Sublime Sun.

Giuseppe Zanotti - $895.00

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