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  She-Moguls would you??

With the return of Remy Ma and Lil Kim, YN devoted The Truth’s Google Hangout to weigh in on the state of women in Hip Hop along with his panelists: L-Boogs, Raven Varona, Combat Jack and Jas Fly.

  With the emergence of the smartphone/tablet, the WATCH or TIMEPIECE has almost become obsolete or ghost. For the Mogul in the know, the watch accentuates any nice ensemble. The appropriate watch can take an outfit from drab to stellar. The pocket watch became famous in the 17th century, used by town watchmen to keep […]

Louis Vuitton is showcasing their 2014/2015 Winter shoe collection in this ad. The focus on these shoes are zippers and more zippers.

When I was growing up I was taught to respect women and never under any circumstances should I hit them. And I lived by that rule. For my decades of existence I can honestly say I never struck a lady. I may have been provoked a few times, and I may have been in the […]

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