In a world where believing  in something is one of the hardest things to do, I think we can all agree that anyone who believes in anything enough that he/she would give his/her life for that cause, is a person worthy of respect and honor. I mean, ask yourself, where in your life have you […]

A celebration of Music…and Love… If you know who snapped this…let US know

She was actually the First Black woman named Homecoming Queen at Northwestern University, and the First Black woman to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine…and I can see why 😉 You did well Tim!

The Cosby Show’s ‘Clair Huxtable’ (in real life ‘Phylicia Rashad’ also known as ‘Phylicia Allen’ which was her maiden name at the time) made a brilliant disco album at the highlight of the disco-era (1978). She released the album Josephine Superstar, a disco concept album telling the life story of Josephine Baker. The album was […]

Moguls and She-Moguls…this is the Good Stuff… 😉

  Hey…that ain’t Barack!! And he looks old as hell to be attending anybody’s prom!

I know this one will fly over the heads of some of our regular visitors…but this feature is all about the LOVE.  The story for this one goes like this: Stevie Ray Vaughn(SRV), not yet a guitar legend, was browsing a pawn shop with the love of his life, his wife Lenora.  His gaze fell […]

  Terrance Howard and his wife Michelle Ghent-Howard were spotted out in Cannes. Terrance done fooled around and kept his marriage secret being that he jumped the broom in January of this year. This is like creeping at it’s finest.

A.I.’s killer crossover from yesteryear won’t even get him past the latest challenge in his life.  Not only has his wife filed for divorce, but the media has jumped all over the dirty laundry she’s decided to air.  That’s okay…shake it off Ive-O…into everyone’s life a little rain must fall.  We, at UML, refuse to […]

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