Watch The Throne

  Jay-Z gets his platinum certification for Magna Carta Holy Grail on the first day of it’s release. #NewRules

Your favorite rapper wishes he could get anyone to listen to 11 songs let alone the same song 11 times in a row!!! I guess that is what N!ggas in Paris can do.

Like it or hate it, Watch The Throne had to be the most talked about album in hip hop this year.

Ok, you the Louie Vuitton Don! Can probably have the baddest model,chick, hoodrat, queen, girl next door, whatever you want. The choice is yours. Why would you get caught out there simpin? Yeah Amber Rose was your girl, we know that. And you just may love her, no problem there. BUT you know she with […]

Kanye West rocked a skirt during the Watch The Throne concert in Atlanta this past weekend. Maybe it was a Halloween get-up, because this sh&t is cray!!!!

“We don’t believe you, you need more people!” Watch The Throne was the event of the summer. Hate it, like it, or love it everyone had something to say about it. So it just strikes me as odd that Lil Wayne claimed that he did not listen to it. Really Wayne? My Grandpops had an […]

The Watch The Throne duo covers Respect magazine. Look for the issue September 6.

Last Sunday Jay-Z shut down LIV, looks like it was one for the books!!

This is perhaps the hottest song on Watch The Throne if you ask me. S1 takes us in on how he created the track. What sounds he used, and how it sounds the way it does.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have done it again. Their Watch The Throne album has sold 426,661 copies. That makes 12 #1’s for Jay and 5 for Kanye. Now we need to see how it does the second week since it is available everywhere now.

Here it is….. Jay-Z x Kanye West – Otis. Looks like these dudes had a lot of fun with this one.

So by now you have played out your copy of Watch The Throne haven’t you. The Jay-Z x Kanye West masterpiece has fans either loving it or hating it. Before we begin this review I want you to know that while most blogs ran with a review the first day or two, I let it […]

Everyone seems to be checking for the Frank Ocean assisted songs on Watch The Throne. Personally I can do without those two joints, but that is neither here nor there. I am already up on Frank Ocean. But for new fans who may not know about ultra.nostalgia will No Church For The Wild and Made […]

Guess Jay-Z has been too busy in those Australian mansions with little bro Kanye West to drop his 16 for J. Cole’s debut album. Hang in their you still have a few more weeks before it gets crucial Cole.

Unless your internets have been down for the last month or so, you know about a certain album that dropped early this morning. The Jay-Z x Kanye West epic finally hit cyberspace at midnight, to a herd of hungry downloaders just waiting for the gate to open. And from early guess-timates, The Throne should do […]

“Hey dog, they thought we were going to mess up all this money” – Jay-Z Last night Kanye West and Jay-Z threw a listening party for ‘Watch The Throne’. And from the the tweets that we saw, WTT will be a classic if you let them tell it. But we will be the judge of […]

Well that rumor didn’t last long did it? Jay-Z snuck up on Hot 97 & Angie Martinez to discuss Watch The Throne and the so-called beef with Kanye West. This morning bloggers across the internets ran with a story from the NY Post that Jay-Z and Kanye West were beefing about spending too much money […]

Looks like a league of indepedent record shops are a little peeved at how Watch The Throne will be released. Word is that iTunes and Best Buy will get to sell the deluxe version of the album for a two week window, before other retailers can even touch it. And if that isn’t enough, iTunes […]

Yep, I guess the damn thing is really coming out on the 1st. It sure looks that way doesn’t it? I’ve recently stopped listening to leaks or drips before an album is out. It always seems to mess up a listening experience if you already heard 3/4’s of an album before it drops. But this […]

So hopefully this is the final tracklist I see before getting the album in my paws. I am not the type to get hyped or upset about track names and features, BUT some of these features could take a wrong turn and f#ck the whole thang up. My only fear is that the album won’t […]

Well here are a few pics of Jay-Z and Kanye West as they Watched The Throne.     Rap Radar

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