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The Geekset crew celebrate their 1year anniversary with favorite moments, origin stories, funniest times as well as jumping into what’s next, Spiderman game & Geekset 2.0 Take a listen Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @GeeksetPodcast Contact us: Attn: Geekset Podcast P.O. Box 241474 Milwaukee, WI 53223

While Bacardi is out letting his taco meat flourish in south beach, the Geekset crew bring in resident crew member Didge to fill in the void and discuss his Geek upbringing, Ruby Rose as Batwoman, The James Gunn situation, Iron Fist 2 Trailer, Venom, Anime, Video Games & More! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & […]

The Geekset Crew is back discussing their February LIVE events, Mighty Con, Anime-Con MKE, Dragon Ball Super, Ending theories, Black Panther’s continuous reign supreme, and classic Anime’s. Question of the week: What anime should Geekset Podcast focus on no that DBS is ending? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @GeeksetPodcast Contact us:

The Geekset Crew go LIVE during Milwaukee Mighty Con. SPECIAL GUEST Interview Steve Cardenas (aka The Red Ranger) Check out the crazy events as they unfold, some interviews with Vendors as well as their Black Panther Review, Black Lightning review, more Geekset commentary.  

The Geekset crew talk their favorite horror movies, top bad guys, scariest video games and more in today’s episode of Geekset. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @GeeksetPodcast Contact us:    

Hands down Black Thought is f’ing amazing!! Who else can not only rhyme over the Mario Bros. theme, but also make sure the rap contains nothing but Marioisms. Black Thought can.

  Your boy Jay-Z has his hands in everything still. The rap Mogul will serve as executive producer for NBA 2K13. The game hits stores Oct. 2nd.

I must admit, I was a die-hard NBA Live fan one point in my life. But somewhere along the way, the game got lame and my full time attention turned to Madden. So I missed the NBA 2K take-over. But from the looks of this trailer, I will be snatching this game up come Oct. […]

Aww sookie sookie na!! NBA2K12 looks to be the real deal. This year we get more legends which means we can have more dream games against current teams. I predict by next season damn near every team who had a half of a star will get a spot on this game. Look for the game […]