Kim Kardashian confidently eats a cupcake on the cover of Elle UK’s January issue. May God bless Kim K three times.

  “I don’t pop mollies I rock Tom Ford!!” Tom Ford has created a new smell good that has the scent of London. The fragrance called Private Blend, will be sold at the new London store for six months.  Private Blend has hints of black pepper, saffron, cardamom, coriander, cumin and coffee and it  will retail […]

We guess Charlie Sheen is winning on the cover of GQ UK.

One of the coolest Cats in the game….If you’ve never checked out his website/catalog….you should! Click the image for it….    

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Keira Knightley tells UK Elle that she really gets shy! “Going into a room full of people at a party I find one of the most terrifying things in the entire world. I normally last about 10 minutes. I’m a complete failure. I went to one the other day. Standing in the corner, couldn’t find […]

The new UK magazine that was recently launched for London  Fashion Week is a freebie at all BBC store locations… Here’s a couple pics from the article as well…

She seems to be everywhere these last few weeks!

She will be featured on the May 2010 edition.

  Robert De Niro on the cover of March’s Esquire UK magazine.

Nicole is looking rather Fresh for her photo shoot with Marie Clair UK. Motherhood has done her good!

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