TV/film can be a remarkable thing, can’t it? Sometimes it can make you laugh. While other times you might get touched. After witnessing Raina die which was perhaps the saddest scene in the history of Black television, I had to go back and recollect on the moments I got in my chest over a tv […]

Price range $1299-$1599 New slimmer design come in good, space and silver 1.1or 1.2 GHz processor 12 inch screen 256 or 512 GB onboard storage 8 GB  of onboard memory The new Apple watch price range $349-$15,000 Sports, a normal watch and the special editions Apple TV has dropped to $69 and HBO is now […]

  Looks like Sony is locking up this next generation of game systems down. Launched in Japan last November as the PS Vita TV, and arriving in the United States today, the PlayStation TV is basically the guts of a PlayStation Vita handheld game system stuffed into a tiny case. You sacrifice the integrated gamepad, […]

  Apple TV is adding a little NFL to the line-up this month via an app. The channel will include content such as; Original Content Created for NFL Now: From the NFL Media studios inLos Angeles, NFL Now will create original content — news updates, shows, features, and more — designed specifically for digital platforms. Highlights of NFL Action: […]

I must admit, I am not into Boardwalk Empire. Not that I don’t know about it, I hear all of my friends ranting and raving about it. I just haven’t dedicated my dvr to record it. But after watching this sneak peek of season 5, I just might give my HBO Go a workout and […]

  Do you need an 105 inch tv? If so Samsung has you covered, but it will cost you a pretty coin. How much coin you ask??  Try $120,000 worth of coin. More than just a really big screen, the Samsung UHD S9 features 4K-ready 5,120 x 2,160 resolution (a whopping 11 million pixels) along […]

  Russell Westbrook throws on a unique garment for the Teen Choice Awards. Ummmm yeah, let’s just leave it like that. Russell Westbrook ladies and gentlemen.

Diddy is showing us a minute in the life of a Mogul.

Oxygen will debut this fall a show focusing on the lifestyle of 6 LA preachers. You know the ones with nice cars, nice watches, nice cribs, and nice bank rolls.

  Looks like Nick Cannon will bring back the Funky Locomotive Soul Train. Cannon recently struck a deal with NBC to bring the show back to television via his NCredible Entertainment production company.

Just in case you haven’t heard enough of Ray-J and his shinanigins he goes to the Wendy Williams show and shares his thoughts on Kimye.

. If you know me you know that I am a Michael Jackson fan. I have a 25 pound “coffee table” book to prove that claim. But I wasn’t always this cool. Growing up back in the day yo boy was a country music enjoyer. Only because my Grand-Moms used to bump that music early […]

  For $70 you can cop a media player that can hang with some of the more expensive options. The Western Digital TV Play can stream content from your computer to your tv. Bundled with WD TV is everything from Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. How long will it be before we cut the cable cord? […]

Venus and Mars is a new online series from PurpleGeko Media & Talented and Young. We follow Venus on her quest on finding true love, this is not as easy as it seems. In each episode we will see Venus meet some interesting Characters.

Jalen Rose takes us back to when he had to get Patrick Ewing for his TV/VCR combo in another hilarious segment of Story Time W/Jalen Rose.

Kerry Washington chops it up with Bill Maher where she voiced her support of Barack Obama.

First Jimmy Fallon gave us “The History of Rap.” Now he runs through some of his favorite tv theme songs with  Anthony Anderson,  Jesse Bradford and Zach Cregger. On a side note have any of you watched Guys With Kids? How is it?

I don’t know about you Moguls, but I am sure I would enjoy a nibble or two of Halle Berry. And while I’m at it, she can nibble me right back!!!

At the end of Sunday’s episode of Mad Men, we say Don Draper sitting back listening to The Beatles track Tomorrow Never Knows. To include the sample in the show it cost $250,000! As with most transactions that involve the Beatles, that usage did not come cheap. According to two people briefed on the deal, […]

That’s not R. Kelly it’s 50 Cent and he was  on Fox’s The Finder.

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