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Wanna know what jump-started Angelina Jolie to adopting kids? “I thought about adoption, but hadn’t all made sense. It hadn’t come together and I wasn’t ready to be a mom, but I saw this little boy,” she explained. “I don’t believe in fate or destiny or things like that but something suddenly felt right. I […]

Now this drop is the drop from hell!!! If you ever make it to Japan and you feel brave, hop on this one. Debuting in mid-July in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, the Takabisha rollercoaster features a 130 foot drop at 121 degrees. Including seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a nerve-jangling […]

We sure hope to be around when this baby takes flight!!! Airbus will take passengers for rides somewhere around 2050. First, business and economy cabins are replaced by zones for relaxation in the front, work in the back, and a fully-stocked bar for socialising. Passengers will be able to see everything to the sides and […]

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Just to remind you that Real Moguls can live it up anywhere 😉

I’ve packed this bag many times… 😉

…but because it’s Mogul-esque 😉 One of the most intelligent services in American history was provided by this little green book. I’m thinkin’ a little orange book could do the same for Urban Moguls…hmmm… The Negro Motorist Green Book was a publication released in 1936 that served as a guide for African-American travelers. Because of […]

We could see ourselves with a few of these pieces, especially the duffel bag and wallet. Look for these soon on

This is the perfect bag for your weekend getaways. Now you can keep your shoes not only protected, but you don’t have to worry about your clean clothes touching your dirty shoes. Why didn’t we think of this??? The Herschel Novel Duffel bag $75

Now you can travel and bring the party with you, just in case the hotel doesn’t have the hooch that you love. It will cost around 2 stacks, $1,900 and that doesn’t include the alcohol. But if you are the type who looks to bring a bar with you, then we are sure that the […]

  So this must be how players play! I can’t recall another famous couple who gets it in more than Jay-Z and Beyonce. One moment they are chillin at an NBA playoff game, then you may catch them overseas at some music festival, then they magically appear at the French Open. It wouldn’t surprise me if I […]

Well the days are getting longer and the mercury is rising. So what better way to celebrate the fresh, hot air than to hop on someone’s plane and float away. Or packing up the ride and hitting the highway Easy Rider style. But, before you leave home make sure you are well equipped for the […]

As the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own. – Margaret Mead; 1901-1978

Dispatch | Israel by Design By FELIX BURRICHTER Yael Pincus The Holon Design Museum. Israel offers many good reasons to visit: breathtakingly diverse landscapes, endless historical and religious sights, and plenty of incredibly friendly and beautiful people. Recently the country added another feather to its cap of landmarks: its first museum devoted entirely to design. […]

It’s Time To Start Planning Your Summer…. All the news you need to know about this year’s ESSENCE Music Festival happening on the 4th of July weekend in New Orleans. From headliners-Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, and one last surprise headliner that will blow your mind–to the line-up of free Empowerment Seminars, hotel and travel […]

One avenue to my heart is undoubtedly my stomach.  I absolutely love to eat!  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that mealtime is as serious as first Sunday communion! For that very reason I seek out the absolute best dining experience everywhere I go!  Not only do I want to enjoy […]

If you’re one of those Moguls that is always looking for some way to chill,…….and chill well, then I’ve got something for you. I don’t know if it’s because I hail from the Midwest, or that I’ve logged countless hours on two lane highways, but I’ve grown comfortable exploring America…and it’s lesser-known wonders. I’ve had […]

What does it mean to say urban culture goes green? Urban is defined as “related to cities”; Urban area: a geographical area distinct from rural areas; Urban culture, the culture of cities. The Urban culture of today proves as one of interesting relevance in the States and Overseas. Music, visual arts, communication, fashion, etc… are […]

Beastie Boys – 14th St Break Sa Ra – I Swear Raphael Saadiq – Chic Like You Common x D’Angelo – So Far To Go What They Talking Bout

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