Clearly defined in the popular tango — “Buenos Aires, la reina de la Plata” — Buenos Aires is the Silver Queen. Along the banks of the Río de la Plata, the city spreads out its eclectic culture of art, music and incomparable nightlife. Buenos Aires was born with its eyes looking toward Europe, and as […]

  After being closed to the public for three years, the Sphinx will be open to tourist. “The Sphinx courtyard will be opened for the first time since the restoration” of the monument, Antiquities Minister Mohammed al-Damati told reporters on a tour of the site. However, a date for the opening has not yet been […]

I’m not with all the glitz and glam when I’m on a trip.  It just doesn’t do anything for me.  Like most though, the first time you go to New York you will most likely stay in Manhattan; mostly because you don’t know any better.  I’m a victim of it myself.  My first actual vacation to […]

This past week Mrs. Ocean and I took our talents down to Mexico for a delayed honeymoon. I finally put my passport to use and got myself a stamp out of the trip. So I was happy about those moves, however while on the trip I learned a few things that the travel agent didn’t […]

Not going anywhere for awhile? Well that’s what it can feel like sometimes when you consume yourself with life. At times it’s alright to live vicariously through others and it feels good to see others happy. This brings us to our latest pictures that have been shared with us. We take a glimpse into a […]

Apart from raising my kids, my favorite thing to do in this world is travel. I’ve been everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go and used just about every mode of transportation to get there. In my “Urban Excursions” posts, I’ll share my experiences in many cities as well as a few other countries. Photos by Damon “Jank” […]

We all need the time to get away from all the monotony and all that hardcore that that comes with being a Mogul. It’s nice to be able to seat back with your feet kicked on a beach and enjoy a beverage of your choice. Depending on where you’re located in the world this isn’t […]

Looking for a cruise this fall? Well check out Bon Voyage’s list of best cruises for 2014. The most consistent winner is Disney which leads the pack in best mainstream line; best for multigenerational families; best mainstream cabins; best onboard evening entertainment and best for kids. Best Mainstream Line 1. Disney 2. Celebrity 3. Princess Best […]

  Some people take this snow business too far. The Ice Hotel features 10 standard rooms and 15 prestige suites, including five igloos. Each room contains a bed that sits on top of a base made entirely of ice. The temperature in each room is only 41 degrees Fahrenheit/5 degrees Celsius. Thermal sleeping bags are […]

I swear it seems like Dubai gets every damn thing. Now these cats will have a chance to sleep with the fish and wake up to tell people about it. Dubai has plans to open the  “Water Discus, a futuristic hotel with one component located about 10 meters beneath the sea. The bottom component will […]

 You would think that the TSA would have measures in place just for situations like this. Can you imagine the come-up some of these agents have every day they go to work? In a sting operation conducted by Brian Ross of ABC News, iPads and cash were left behind in airport security checkpoints. In nine […]

I have heard about chicken and waffles. But how about chicken and vodka? Well if you live in Japan, you can order just that. An upscale KFC in Japan has opened a full scale bar, right inside the restaurant. The bar, in Tokyo,  is located at the top of their 3 story spot called KFC […]

For those of you who love to travel with plenty gadgets.

For you Moguls who hit the road often, how bout buying this nifty invention: The Shirt Shuttle. This nice case will keep those shirts crispy and Fresh. For $30 I say why not? Source

    Golden Horn Beach – Brac Island, Bol, Croatia

Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab is home to the world’s highest tennis court which is about 650 feet (200 meters) above the ground, and has an area of 4,500 square feet. Not sure about you all, but we won’t go anywhere near this thing!!

Started by tattoo artist Marcus Kuhn, The Gypsy Gentleman is a brand new tattoo and travel magazine designed to expand upon some common misperceived notions about the craft and to teach about the world of tattooing as a whole. Having spent 22 years working in the business, Kuhn decided to take some of the memories […]

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