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Are you sexy Moguls? Some of you may think you are when in actuality you are struggling at being average.  There is a thin line between being sexy and not sexy, and some of you jump that line like it ain’t a thing. Half the time when you don’t even know you are failing the […]

  We all should live by an order that is higher than ourselves. Whether it be religion, morals, or codes, we should all have something that guides our day to day. For me I like to call this guiding force Jewelz. For years I have giving you Jewelz of the Day which are nothing more […]

This past week Mrs. Ocean and I took our talents down to Mexico for a delayed honeymoon. I finally put my passport to use and got myself a stamp out of the trip. So I was happy about those moves, however while on the trip I learned a few things that the travel agent didn’t […]

Betty White recently appeared on David Letterman and gave her tips on how to live a  long life.

OpenTable has released it’s top ten hottest new restaurants based on user ratings/reviews. New York’s Beauty & Essex tops the list.   1. Beauty & Essex, New York 2. Searsucker, San Diego 3. Lavo-NYC, New York 4. Girl & the Goat, Chicago 5. Cleo-SBE, Los Angeles 6. Kenmare, New York 7. Towne Stove and Spirit, […]

Actually We can say that we aren’t surprised that Kim Kardashian is leading all reality stars in money earned. But we will say that she has had a long run in the limelight. Her 15 minutes is looking more like 2 weeks!! Wonder what Paris Hilton is doing these days? 1. Kim Kardashian: $6m 2. […]

One of the Nastiest MCs to ever grab a mic tells Rolling Stone his favorite rappers of all time. The list includes the great ones from the past and present; it is missing one name: RAKIM!! How can you have a top ten list for lyricist and not include Rakim Allah? It leaves us scratching […]

10 Ways To Keep Your High Profile Mogul A$$ Out Of Jail… Hire A Driver:  You know yo ass loves to get drunk and high…so what the f*ck you look like drivin’ ? Don’t Do Dope On The Move:  If you’re gonna bake your brain, don’t do it in traffic. Dispense With The Entourage And […]

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