Wow, wow and wow!  That’s what I have to say about the new Jodeci album after my second listen in just one morning.  The fusion of their voices is DOPE, they go together like chicken and collard greens. Yea they made us wait awhile for this new album but it doesn’t disappoint, their voices are […]

Saturday night while I chilled at an art show at Alpha Bang, the r&b community was up in arms at the debacle of a movie presented by Lifetime. The movie as I am sure you know is the biopic on Aaliyah. I knew the movie was coming out but I didn’t care to see the […]

Justin Timberlake has returned to the studio after a six year hiatus, and what better way to make noise than with Jay-Z? Not sure when the album will drop but TImberlake promises fans that it will see the light of day this year. An Open Letter to you (the fans): I hope this gets to […]

Wonder what Pharrell and Timbaland have cooked up for Missy Elliott?

Batman & Robin drops a jam on us.

Someone call up MTV so they can resurrect TRL, then we will have a spot for this video to play. Oh our bad, MTV doesn’t show videos anymore!

I guess auto-tune is not dead! At least not yet, according to Timbaland & Drake. This freshly leaked single off of Timb’s upcoming album Shock Value II is a nice joint. Sounds as if it is about 4 months too late though. This song could have done serious damage this past summer. But now I […]

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