Burgie returns to The Lounge after a weeks hiatus and this man is burning the night candles as the final days approach as he highly is anticipating his broom jumping day.  Maal Electronica pulls a Drake and goes Back to Back and slides through, he’s fresh outta his anger management therapy and Poindexter is just […]

      Bad Rio x Worse Rio speak on everything revolving transparency including: Ass x Titties debate on a visual preference…and why? Our partnership, the growth of the podcast and ARE PODCASTS OVERSATURATED?       Connect with the 2: Instagram: @2riosxapod Twitter: @livewokepodcast Facebook Group: Livewoke Podcast   Subscribe to the “2” at […]

  On this episode Seth and Eric were joined by Weav of Egos and Opinions Podcast! We sat down and the drinks started flowing! This episode was a REAL TASTE OF MALE CONVO!!!! Vibe with us! Find Weav on Egos and Opinions every Wednesday on all podcast platforms! IG: Egosandopinions TWITTER: Egosandopinions Intro by PBEEZY […]

Ebola and it’s funky ass is real Moguls. And with all of the hype it has been getting as of late, it is easy to get caught in the hype thinking every person who walks past you and coughs has the shit. Well check out this video and you can learn everything you need to […]

Now this is what you call a man determined to get what’s his. A Texas man whose car was stolen managed to get it back after spotting the vehicle on eBay while surfing the Internet – only a good 42 years after it disappeared. Bob Russell was a graduate student at Temple University in Philadelphia […]

I hate roller coasters with a passion. I will from time-to-time get on one. But half way up that first drop I get the feeling of “what the hell am I doing up here?” “Can I get down now and just climb down the ladder?” “Oh $hit…. that’s one big drop!!” All of that goes […]

You know everything is Trill when you get your own day!! Today Mayor Annise Parker declared August 30, 2011  as “Bernard ‘Bun B’ Freeman Day” in Houston, Texas. Ain’t that something??Big moves for an Underground King. During the event Bun stated; It’s taken a lot for me to get here today. There have been a […]

We all know Rihanna is hot to death, and now she has a trail of burned down stages to prove it! While on stage in Dallas, one of the props decided to catch flames. The entire American Airlines Arena had to be evacuated. “DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!! I’m so pissed, […]

A new burger joint is jumping off in Waco, TX and it’s called Fat Ho Burgers!! How many of you Texas Moguls plan on getting a fat juicy burger? Don’t know how y’all feel but this doesn’t sound to appetizing to me. I would wonder just what would I end up eating?

The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones is currently scheduled to hit stores on October 5th. Check out the complete tracklist below: 1. Down 4 Mine 2. Untitled Track (feat. Lil Wayne, Bun B & Drake) 3. Fly Lady 4. Love 2 Ball 5. Since The 90’s (feat. Gator Mane & E-40) 6. Dickies (feat. Bun […]

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