I think we need a pair of these for our next meal Moguls. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone or desktop app, when the chopsticks come into contact with an oil or water that is in some way tainted, the app warns that the food is bad, and if no toxins or impurities are detected, the […]

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen,  the iKettle may be a nice start. This coffee pot sends you a message when it is done instead of the old-school whistle. The crux of the kettle’s capabilities is its ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This puts it in contact with an accompanying […]

  If ya do grab $4400 and it can be yours. The HTC One will come with an 18k gold paint that can have you stunting on your iPhone and S4 friends. But if you want one you better have connects, because only 5 will be made.

  As we move forward into the future, man is realizing that what we truly need to do is cut the cord. We have cords everywhere these days with our laptops, tablets, iPods, and cell phones. Well we can cross cell phones off the list for good with another product dedicated to cutting the cord. […]

I am pro-Note 2 in this piece. So I am pretty amped about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and what it means for the Note 3. And from the looks of it Samsung hasn’t let me down.

  A little birdie is saying that Apple will drop a watch this fall.Not sure if this picture is right and exact, but we have been hearing whispers about a watch for a minute so this is not totally surprising. What features would you like to see Moguls?

  For $70 you can cop a media player that can hang with some of the more expensive options. The Western Digital TV Play can stream content from your computer to your tv. Bundled with WD TV is everything from Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. How long will it be before we cut the cable cord? […]

Nike Basketball Design Director Leo Chang walks us through the newest signature sneaker for OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant, inspired by KD’s hometown of DC and his commitment to team.

  Well it looks like all of those pictures we posted on Instagram can now be sold by the company to a third-party without our consent. Yep, that means that picture of all the bottles of Ciroc you and your friends downed one night can photoshopped with Diddy saying “take that… take that…” So if […]

Damn who needs a real keyboard when you can have that virtual freshness?? Brookstone has introduced a thingofmajig that connects to your smartphone or laptop thru bluetooth or USB. It then projects a keyboard for you to do your typing. The future will set you back $99 which is actually not bad. Maybe you can […]

So it looks like smartphone maker HTC has bought the lion’s share of Dre’s Beats Electronics for $300 million. Beats Electronic is the maker of the famous Beats By Dre headphones and it was started by Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. This is a major power move by both parts. My only hope is that […]

  Just couple of hours ago on stage at TED Global, Jawbone announced the grand project they’ve been quietly working on for years: A wearable band called Up, which is infused with sensors and smartphone connected, allowing you to track your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns and collects that info via Jawbone’s UP App on […]

It is safe to say that Facebook is the devil.  Pure D-Devil. We can see this going in all types of directions. Maybe it is time to shut down Facebook.

Google is every damn where these days. It is no longer just your mother’s search engine. And with the creation of Google Wallet, the big G can be in your pockets also. But the million dollar question is would you feel safe using it? Especially with companies like Sony getting their safe busted in, how […]

The Android Tablet and Blackberry’s new device hope to challenge the iPad market.  Learn about both here: Dude’s a lame, but you get the picture…

A perfect idea for the Mogul that is always on the go. The Micro USB Car Charger(€20) turns your cigar lighter into a USB Car Charger that can be used to charge cellphones(iPhone) orMP3 players via USB, and with a design that sits flush enough to look like it blends into your car’s interior, and the […]

SmartFaucet Tired of turning the tap on and off? This “intelligent faucet” from iHouse uses facial recognition to recognize you automatically and adjust the water temperature and flow to your tastes. The touchscreen lets you access e-mail, weather forecasts, and your daily schedule while bathing. Hmmm…..

I’ve been a fan of Windows Mobile phones since I got my first HTC 6700 Pocket PC. Why? Mainly because of familiar navigation, easy customization, and complete compatibility with my desktop software.  As the desktop software changed and became more selfish and controlling, I guess I should have noticed the writing on the wall and […]


  In the past our fears were of nuclear war taking out humanity by the country-load and if you escaped the bomb, the radiation was sure to get you. The only thing that could save you is a perfectly made “bomb shelter” underground. With the fears of Y2K ten years ago, I stacked my shelter […]

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