I wish I could read the signature or knew who the artist is because a piece like this deserves to be credited. Looking at it is like watching a damn good movie with only one frame in the film…Enjoy

Did you hear the one about the NFL owner telling his star player not to get any tattoos or piercings? Sounds like something out of the 60’s doesn’t it. Well Jerry Richardson did just that by telling rookie Cam Newton that he wishes for him not to get any tats or earrings. Now keep in […]

The post: Mogul Etiquette 101: Tattoo Placement was so popular, and certain idiots have continued to demonstrate the need for further education on this issue(Yung L.A., Gucci Mane, Whiz Kalifah, etc.) so I’ve followed it up with another graphic that may help you avoid making critical¬†Ink Errors. You thinking of tattooing your new¬†girlfriends name on […]

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