Damn pigs must be outside flying because it looks like we will hear Big Boi and Andre 3000 on the same song at the same damn time! Yep Big Boi will hop on the remixes for Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” and T.I.’s “I’m Sorry” both featuring 3 Stacks. Now to some of you it may […]

And he does it in a way that only a true ATLein can!!

T.I. and Tiny and fam all gather around the chair getting their Huxtables on. Only thing missing from the picture is a fat cigar, pudding pops and a Coke.

T.I. talks about the making of his album Paper Trail in an exclusive interview for Target for From The Vaults on The Warner Sound.

  Last night was a special event to say the least. 3 Little Digs and Jose Cuervo Platino came together to host a listening event for none other than Killer Mike. Watch as T.I., Nelly & many more all came out to support the man of the evening as he premiered some new tracks from […]


I guess no one is surprised by this. It is like the sun-setting we know it will happen, just may not know the exact time. Well we know what time the show starts with T.I. and Tiny,  December 9 at 9 p.m. on VH1. Hopefully they will stay out of those Maybachs this time around. […]

Looks like the King will be leaving jail, hopefully for the last time, September 29th. Before that date though, he decided to drop a line thanking his supporters and promising a return to form of sorts. What up world? This will be my last message from Forrest City. Just reaching out and sending my love, […]

  There was a time when the Rubberband Man was the next best thing since Kool Moe Dee. But after the release of his King album in 2006, the Kang has been going downhill ever since. From catching cases for weapons, to driving down the street high with pills, Tip has been on a mission […]

Just a few shots of some of the biggest names in Hip Hop,  R&B and Pop music from back when they were just whipper-snappers…

I know we all gave her the side eye when we heard about a few of her choices to say the least. But one things for certain, Tiny loves her some Clifford!! Bottom-line!!! And I know just about every reader out there sometimes wish we had something similar in our corner. Maybe on a Tiny […]

  Seems like Em has a knack for making features his own. No matter how ill you thought your verse was, Eminem will come through and just murk your little 16!! No problem! He proved TI to be his latest victim on “That’s All She Wrote”. And the thing is Tip didn’t come weak, but […]

T.I. had something to say as his 7th studio album is released. The “kang” drops a letter on his official site and touches on everything from his new album No Mercy, and how his recent stint behind bars is making him a smarter man.   So here it is…NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate […]

He chops it up with Vibe and spills the beans on his addiction thanks to his dentist and a few other topics. I’ve heard you mention how the good that you’ve done is easily forgotten. Do you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly? If I place my value in the way humans treat me, then […]

After a few weeks locked up, T.I. let’s us know that he is tired of jail! This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that’s saying a lot for a nigga who’s been down locked up as many times as I have. I see this as a real ass whoopin’. The […]

1 Welcome To The World (feat. Kanye West & Kid Cudi) 2 How Life Changed (feat. Mitchelle’l & Scarface) 3 Get Back Up (feat. Chris Brown) 4 I Can’t Help It (feat. Rocko) 5 That’s All She Wrote (feat. Eminem) 6 No Mercy (feat. The-Dream) 7 Big Picture 8 Strip (feat. Young Dro & Trey […]

Download I think I must have played this song about ten times in a row the other day. Not just because I have a new song with Three Stacks. But because this is one of the first songs in a long time where no one gives you that Pras moment. You know where a rapper […]

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