Well, well, well. Just like that the warmer weather has crept up on us. And as usual some of us are stuck, not knowing what to wear. Well don’t worry we have you covered via Dapered.Com. I will add that this matrix is UML approved. ESPECIALLY the sandal portion. Moguls, leave those flip flops for […]

Living in the Midwest can weigh heavily on a individuals soul.  About this time of year I just want some warm weather so I can do the things that I enjoy.  I truly believe I left my heart in California!  I know there’s other places that get worse weather like Alaska, Antartica , the Upper […]

Well Moguls, summer is quickly coming to a conclusion. In fact we wait all year for this season and it seems to only last for two weeks, a weekend if you live in the mid-west. So what is a Mogul to do? Live out these dog days as if it will wrap up in 24 […]

The Summer and I have at least one thing in common; we both love Hip Hop. In fact you can’t have a summer without Hip Hop.  They go together like catfish and grits, white tees and Air Force 1’s, you know Ashford and Simpson. As far as I can recall Hip Hop has been a […]

Time to be fashion forward Moguls.

  Perfect summer shoe right here.

  There isn’t anything better than a big ball of ice splashed with Kool-Aid. If this sounds like your cup of ice, snatch up this lil contraption. This is guaranteed to keep your party off the hook Moguls. $35

Let’s start this off by letting you all know, I don’t do sandals. It is not my cool. There is something that just shouts feminine when it comes to those shoes. Nothing against the men out there who likes to partake in the sandal, I have nothing against you. But when it comes to my toes […]

  She-Moguls would you?

Here’s an article…and a new magazine that might have gotten past some of you She-Moguls. Beyonce graces the cover of the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of The Gentlewoman Magazine.  Beyonce lets her most basic beauty show through; looking more conservative than some of us who are force-fed Beyoce for breakfast are used to.  The publication (described […]

  She-Moguls….. would you? $195

So you have the music, the friends, the crib, and now all you need to do is throw the greatest BBQ ever! The type that will have your friends telling their grandkids about. I have thrown my fair share of shin-digs in my day, enough to shut down a small town. Word to GSU!!!! But […]

I guess we can call this the dog days of summer as Elisabetta Canalis plays as if she is a dog locked in the car during a hot summer day. Mogul pet owners, please remember that your pets get hot also. Don’t leave them in the car when it is hot outside.

This is usually the dry weeks of professional sports. The NBA season is long gone, the NFL is still a few days away from training camp, and college football is null and void. What’s a sports head like myself to do? True this year we have the Olympics to get us hyped, but let’s be […]


I mean who sits back and thinks of these things? Better yet, who actually tries them out to see if it is any good? But if your stomach is brave enough to try this delight, head over to your local Burger King and give it a taste. Let us know how it settles.

A nice summer cashmere sweater brings a different splash to your Cool as opposed to the short sleeve polo or seersucker blazer. Do Moguls wear seersucker? Kenneth Cole  $39.99   Pair that sweater with some grey slacks. Grey pants should be a staple in any mans wardrobe. Banana Republic $69.50 And we all know that […]

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