Star Wars

By now if you have any ounce of cool in your blood you have seen The Force Awakens. Now you can take that cute little BB-8 home with you in the form of ice. For $14 you can impress your guest with a little bit of frozen cool. Buy

  In case you didn’t know Star Wars is making a return to a galaxy near you on December 18th. Just in case you want to wake up in style on that wonderful morning this is for you. Star Wars sheets can have you laying in bed like a young Darth Vader. Fr the cost […]

  To hype up the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, London has issued a set of stamps to commemorate the movie. These stamps are so Fresh, we just may want to move to London just to get our hands on a few.

Moguls everywhere like a good drink, don’t we? Well what better way to smooth out your whiskey than with a Death Star Ice Sphere? If that sounds like something the man in your life would like why not make his day? Shop

  So…… did you all see the Star Wars trailer? It is cool. You see a Star Destroyer crashed on a planet. You get glimpses of the bad guys. How about a lil Millennium Falcon action… well you have that too. You hear Luke Skywalker’s voice and you see Han and Chewbacca. Good shit!!! I guess we […]

This weekend while you are stuffing your face with leftover turkey and sweet potato pie, or shopping for that brand new toaster oven, the Force will begin to tease. That’s right Moguls, Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer will drop in a few selected cities. Friday thru Sunday you can catch the trailer at […]

  This is for the Star Wars lover in you. “The Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage is the best carry-on bag you could ever hope for. As R2-D2 protected Luke, so will this Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage protect your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, and everything else you need on your travels. It’s got a […]

  This is for the Star Wars lovers in you. Why not show your love with C-3PO and R2-D2 rings? I guarantee you will be the only couple in your circle with these rings.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for  that Star Wars lover in your heart. Not only does this R2 unit charge phones, he also can fix the hyper-drive on your Millenium Falcon. Source

Harrison Ford stops by Jimmy Kimmel to promote the movie 42. And of course the subject Star Wars came up. Mr. Ford couldn’t address the topic but he did get a chance to come face to face with his past.

  It would be just like my numbers came in if Santa brought me all the things on this page!!!

I’m a FAN…but I don’t know about this one Moguls…  I’m not sure I want to trust Han and The Droids on this adventure 😉

If I had seen these back in the day….my walls would’ve been covered with them. Pure Classic!

  Have you ever kissed a walking carpet?? Well Princess Leia has, and she will tell you all about it in the Spanish Esquire. Well actually the cover is for the Blu-Ray Edition of Star Wars, but the kissing thing sounds so much better.

How many of you remember this as a child? Funny thing is, it looks like you can’t even smoke in space!!!

Guess which one played Chewbacca??

I am not a coffee drinker, but I am the office Star Wars nerd!! No shame in walk. So I go out on the limb and assume that this coffee is a dark roast blend of some type. It may taste like the best cup in this galaxy, or it may taste like hot sh&t! […]

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