Even though outside old man winter stubborn ass just won’t die, we still must prepare for the spring season. Because when the weather gets nice and the women get fine…., you know the one. After a good season of heavy materials such as wool and corduroy, your Cool is screaming for a switch up in […]

Time to be fashion forward Moguls.

  Perfect summer shoe right here.

Elephant is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, the magazine covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture.

Here’s an article…and a new magazine that might have gotten past some of you She-Moguls. Beyonce graces the cover of the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of The Gentlewoman Magazine.  Beyonce lets her most basic beauty show through; looking more conservative than some of us who are force-fed Beyoce for breakfast are used to.  The publication (described […]

  She-Moguls….. would you? $195

Looks like little Easter candies on the shoes!! Source

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Pic Annie Scudder Time for the annual bucklist of things to do as the weather gets nicer. Most of these ideas are easy on the pocket which leads to more coin for #10. Picnic – Something as simple as a picnic can do wonders to the hustle of your life. Pack a few of your […]



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Burberry $895 Now that the good weather has finally sprung, it is time to transition our wardrobe from cold night wear to nice day garmets. One way to switch the look is with a fresh new blazer. Here are some of the ones that I would recommend for you to step your cool up with. […]

Prada gives us a look at their 2012 styles for spring and summer.

  Fred Perry has decided to release the final collaboration with Amy Winehouse. “After much consideration and with the blessing of Amy’s family, Fred Perry has decided to release the AW11 range and wholesale the SS12 Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection. Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration and her signature style is […]

Clearly some Mogul Sh*t. Click the first image to see more…

She-Moguls get your style in order for the warmer months.

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