So you may have heard that last night Jay-Z had a B-Side concert. During the show he put down the champagne and kicked a little freestyle about Tidal, Spotify and getting your own.

  If you have 3 months and $0.99 you can enjoy Spotify Premium. Basically from now until early spring you can get Spotify ad-free with unlimited skips! That is a deal for those of you who love to be in control of your music. After your 3 months are up the rate will go to […]

One thing that’s holds UML together is the music Moguls. We live and breath for the music and it is about time we share it with you. If you have Spotify just press play and enjoy the dopeness. If you don’t have Spotify what are you waiting for?? Get it and enjoy the Daily Cool […]

You ever wondered what that moment was like when Pete Rock found the sample for “The World Is Yours” or how initially Nas got signed?  All of your questions will be answered thanks to Spotify’s “Landmark” interviews.  Not only does Nas recount the making of Illmatic, but we also get to hear from original producers […]

Well this is a stroke of marketing genius. It was announced that if listeners stream Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” 1 million times their complete discography will be unlocked. The group announced the initiative thru it’s Twitter feed: Help stream Wish You Were Here 1 million times to unlock Pink Floyd’s catalogue on @Spotify: #floydcountdown — Pink Floyd […]

A day in the life of hip hop’s brightest star, Kendrick Lamar! We spend a day with him and his crew just ahead of his big Spotify Live show.

On the eve of the Grammys, the big name buzzing on people’s lips this year is not Adele or Bruno Mars… but Spotify. WSJ Live gets an exclusive look inside the young company that music insiders say might just save the record industry

Somebody sound the trumpets!! Spotify is finally arriving on the shores of the good ole USofA! We were really adamant about bringing the service to the US, which means a really great, free experience. We wanted to be really careful about the way we did this, and the rights holders felt the same way. It […]

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