There’s so many reasons for people to not do anything these except look out for self, we turn on the tv, social media etc…. and see political reasons to safety reasons. It’s very important to know the youth are watching and are picking up on what we are or aren’t doing. It’s great to be […]

Yeah you read that right Moguls…. ESPN and World Wrestling Entertainment have announced a partnership that will bring weekly highlights from the WWE to ESPN. Although WWE is known for it’s prefabricated outcomes this move could be big time for them. Getting their brand into more houses on a weekly bases is one big promotional […]

Well Ladies and Gentlemen the NBA season is here. Tip off is a mere few minutes away. At this point in the season everyone is hopeful, open-minded and optimistic. Right now all team are winners, at least until they lose one. Well the GOAT, Michael Jordan is just as happy as any other owner out […]

I’m a little late but I still made my picks for this weeks games. Last week was a rough week and my overall record is 17-15.

We’ll there was some upsets over the course of the 1st week. I’ll chalk that up to teams were shaking the cobwebs out, I closed the week out with 9 wins an 6 losses. I’m looking to improve upon those numbers in the second week that’s upon us and with no further adieu I present […]

The first kickoff of the NFL season as come already, but we have finally arrived to the first Sunday of the season and I’ve made my game picks. Let’s see how I do!

The Ohio State Marching Band ain’t no punk. At last Saturday’s game the band big upped Michael Jackson and moonwalked across the whole field. No, really they moonwalked across the whole field. If you don’t believe just check out the video. If you don’t want to watch all of the greatness skip to the 4:15 […]

When Danny P ain’t stuck in the lab, I’m hanging out with Sports Spitteratry in the War Room. This week we brought the camera along as we discussed Pusha T’s latest My Name Is My Name. The Council gave the album 3 out of 5, even though some of us gave it a rating as […]

There is no denying it that rap music is common place among many individuals, especially for those of us who grew up with the genre. Well it is no different for this sportscaster. Louisville sports anchor Adam Lefkoe went on a 5 minute tangent quoting everybody from Jay-Z to Kane. How many can you pick up Moguls?

This is not really news, but Michael Jordan can still dunk at 50. And he has no problems with dunking on your 8 year old if he is foolish enough to try to D him up.

Well we are about to get knee deep in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, so why not take a trip down the road to revisit yesterday? Here are the top ten dunks of round 1.

Don’t know if I have been out of the loop or not, but I think it is about time that Hollywood produced a Jackie Robinson movie. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until next April. Right in time for the first pitch.

One good thing about  summer days is that I have a chance to sit down and watch a lil ESPN’s First Take and check out Stephen A Smith out talk everybody. But now I have one more reason to pay attention. Cari Champion will join Skip and Stephen as the full time host Oct. 1. […]

This is usually the dry weeks of professional sports. The NBA season is long gone, the NFL is still a few days away from training camp, and college football is null and void. What’s a sports head like myself to do? True this year we have the Olympics to get us hyped, but let’s be […]

Here is a flashback for your a$$. One of the only times that I know of that Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali sat down to talk. Good sh@t Arsenio. Now question of the morning, how many rounds would it have taken Ali to knock out Tyson? I’m going with 5.

HBO followed Floyd Mayweather around for 2 days. Mayweather discussed what motivates him.

Nike is always coming up with something. Nike+ FuelBand tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer, then translates your moves into NikeFuel. FuelBand tracks running, walking, dancing, basketball, and dozens of everyday activities. Set your Daily Goal and Nike+ FuelBand tracks your progress, lighting up from red to green throughout the day. Get to green […]

Yeah I told you we were going to try a few new things this year, and another shot we have for you is The Smokers Room. The Smokers Room is a spot were players meet to discuss the daily happenings. It could be hip hop, politics, women, relationships, whathaveyou. If the spirit moves us, we […]

It sounds like Michael Jordan shits on players regardless if he is on the court or not. Money is all about his money and it seems like he wants the players in the NBA to give him and his owner friends a little more. MJ is recommending that the players receive no more than 37% […]

  Some of y’all got a jonez going on right now. You are shaking, checking every 2 hours hoping that an announcement will come down aying that the NBA as officially put an end to the lockout. But every two hours, your high gets blown. There is no NBA to be found anywhere. Yeah […]

Tell the truth, how many of you actually miss the NBA right now? I won’t begin to get upset about the lockout until next February when the NFL season is long gone. But I know for the NBA stars who are used to doing their thing right about now, this has got to be killing […]

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