Snoop Dogg

“When the mic is in my hand I’m never hesitant/ My favorite jam back in the day was Eric B for President!” On the 159th shot The Black Pack talked to ex-NFL player James Lee about his career and his new passion “Cigar-Porn.” Did y’all know that the S-N-Double O-G D-O-Double G has a cook […]

This week we talk about a lot of fuck shit: Grammy’s Clippers the worst sports Org ever? El Chapo won’t kill anyone in the Jury. Flava Flav gets mopped in Vegas Meek paying tuitions now? Quincy Jones is still slanging that D Barny Slanging that D Snoop Releasing a Gospel Album __________________________________ Follow us […]

  Premo goes to GGN and breaks down music with Nemo Hoes aka Snoop Dogg.

  Snoop Dogg gets his education on and breaks down a day in the life of a walrus….. goo goo goo joob!!!!

Everything is Irie when Eddie Murphy and Snoop hit the booth!! This is a little better than Party All The Time tho.

One things for sure, Mr. Snoop Lion sure gets it in doesn’t he?? This week Terrace Martin and Chanel West Coast stop by to talk about their upcoming mix tapes. Oh and there’s a hell of a storm coming. Follow Snoop online!

Did anyone ever tell you about the time Nas almost caught a bad one in Cali?

  Snoop Dogg shows us his freshly dipped French mani!!! I understand perms and rollers, but is this going too far Moguls?

What you’ve been waiting for! A very special extended episode of GGN featuring RZA being interviewed by Snoop Dogg. RZA’s new movie “Man With the Iron Fists” hits theaters November 2nd!

Snoop Dogg Lion covers the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Indeed, Snoop, who these days has renamed himself Snoop Lion (more on that later), certainly follows his own set of rules — if he follows any at all. Courting controversy while playing role model, coach and parent, the former gangbanger has had a hand in […]

Snoop Dogg is no more, the rapper can now be called Snoop Lion. During a soul turning experience in Jamaica, Snoop Dogg evolved into Snoop Lion.

Snoop has dropped a video for his brand of cigars, Executive Branch.

Imagine how raw this would have felt to be in the audience at Coachella when all of a sudden Tupac appears on the stage! Classic! This video damn near got a Mogul tearing up looking like why. All I have to say is God bless the dead.

This is perfect for the joint rolling Moguls out there.

What more to life is it than to have Amber Rose to come home to and hang out with Snoop D-O-Double G? I will tell you. To have Snoop nominate you for Stoner of the Year for Hightimes. It can’t get any sweeter than that. I am sure Snoop has smoked a many under the […]

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