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Again…artist is unknown…by me at least.

This is a gripping piece…  

I bet this was an interesting exchange….great shot 🙂

This photo by Leonard Freed taken in 1963, speaks for itself…

O.K. This one has some weight to it. I felt conflicted while looking at this piece…but drawn. It was as if I could hear it breathing… Check out more of Mattahan’s(aka Paul Davey) work. The Cat is righteous…

This isn’t the official name of the piece, and once again, I don’t know the artist; but this could grace my walls any day…

I’ll let you Moguls write your own caption for this one….

The monument is the result of a three-year creative journey that began when internationally lauded artist Michael Kalish was approached by Lonnie and Muhammad Ali to create a private original sculpture for them from Kalish’s signature license plate art collection. This experience provided the inspiration for Kalish to undertake the epic task of creating reALIze. […]

This speaks volumes….    

The Obama Presidency has yielded some of the most riveting photographs of any in my recent memory. The country’s fascination with the first couple, for a multitude of reasons, has forced a level of transparency and openness that isn’t always seen. Amidst all of the controversy and pressure of position…it’s nice to see shots like […]

I’m not sure on the name of this piece, but it definitely piqued my interest…and as with most good surreal artwork, there’s much to ponder in the details.


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