Kanye West done fooled around and went full blown Kanye West on us. Somehow playboy managed to piss me off this time, and I am somewhat unpissoffable!! When Kanye said Jesus walked we high stepped our ass to the polo shop to get Laurened up. When he told us that Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman […]

  See what happens when you support this mess, they end up trying to make a profit at your expense. Yes Moguls you see it right, Django Unchained action figures! What the….. So now it is ok to play with toys of slaves? Is that really what we doing now?

Below is a selection from the Black Republicans series on The Urban Politico  entitled “Black Republicans: The Beginning” This series was inspired by the following question heard all throughout the Black Community from the blogosphere to the barber shop: “How in the hell could a Black person ever vote Republican?!?!?” Although, lately, many of us […]

  They Survived Slavery, They Will Survive This By Russell Simmons At this time, two and a half weeks ago, the earth opened up its deep crevasses and let out a large yell that knocked down the people of Haiti. The devastation and destruction of Port Au Prince and its surrounding areas was heartbreaking, heart […]

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