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Maroon 5‘s front man in chill mode…

Korey Bowie is the truth!  There’s no other way to say it.  In coming days UML will give you some in-depth looks at this phenomenal artist and his work.  In the mean time…here’s a preview…get familiar…

A fresh-faced beauty to brighten your day… For those of you that don’t know…her voice is as beautiful as her face.  Click the image for a few samples of her latest work. Enjoy

Check out the promo pics from Ciara’s upcoming album…Basic Instinct:

Haitian born Singer/Producer/Activist, Wyclef Jean has released a statement saying he will be “involved” in the  November 28th election for President of the earthquake devastated country, but the extent of that involvement is yet to be determined.  Wyclef has led a tireless fight to bring attention and assistance to the plight of his native country. […]

If you don’t know much about the legendary vocalist, activist, pianist, and songwriter  Nina Simone, then this may be a good way to explore her wonderfully creative life…Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone. The 2010 book release provides a creative perspective on the wonderfully productive yet very troubled life of the incomparable performer. […]

Without Cocaine, Alcohol, and Bobby Brown…this is how Whitney Houston might have turned out…

The last time we visited this subject, we took a moment to recognize the timeless and unmistakable beauty that is Vanessa Williams.  In a world where physical beauty can be bought, inner beauty is under valued, and most people’s definition of beauty runs about as deep as a plastic wading pool, we have to thank […]

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