Kobe Bryant is a love him or hate him type cat. For those that love him, he is the best thing since Michael Jordan, and to half of them Kobe is THE GOAT. While the rest of the world hates him. To them Kobe Bryant is the Antichrist. Well no matter where Kobe falls on […]

  Tonite on Showtime the world premiere of Jay Z and Ron Howard’s Made In America will debut. This is probably one of the times you wish you had Showtime ain’t it?

We hear that the Kennedy family has put pressure on the History channel to not air the Kennedy miniseries. The project starring Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper and Katie Holmes will now be shopped to Showtime. We hope someone gets it, because this film seems major.

I’m a big fan of history and all things non-fiction.  I guess this is the reason the docu-dramas airing on the major cable networks are such a hit with me. The real life drama and  historical significance has made such series’ as Rome (HBO), John Adams (HBO), Deadwood (HBO) and The Tudors (Showtime) massive hits for the networks […]

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