She-Mogul Goodies

Designer label Jil Sander just released this bag that retails for $290 and looks just like a paper bag! The bag isn’t even leather, but “high durability coated paper.” Hmmm. If you want it in black, it will set you back $600. Is this the new Mogul Goody?

Jennifer Lopez keeps the checks coming in by being the face for L’Oreal’s Sublime Sun.


Damn, this purse looks good enough to jump in.






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Inspired by Sarah Scott’s Grandmother’s autobiography, “A Stranger I Came,” written in 1953 about her transition from Berlin to New York. The story of her Grandmother is much like that of any modern woman of her time or ours–acclimating into American society while maintaining a sense of self.

Ladies could yo rock a cartoon bag? If so JumpFromPaper has your look.The “Cartoon” Handbags are the real thing only thing missing is your theme song. $80    

Prada gives us a look at their 2012 styles for spring and summer.

She Moguls…. Would you? If so, here ya go.

She-Moguls get your style in order for the warmer months.

One thing is for certain…. Rihanna has a mean shoe game. If you step out with her ladies, you better be on your p’s and q’s. Check out these tape measure heels she was caught in.

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