Sometimes even your wall wants to look cool.  What better way to display your coolness than by adding some sunnies to your wall. For $400 you can have the coolest wall out of all your friends.

A young skateboarder pushes his way into fame and fortune, then snorts his way into the gutter where he is chewed up and spit out the bottom of the porn industry… Blah, blah, blah. Starring Aaron Amerine, Jordan Hoffart and Destiny Papalia.

I love a good pair of sunnies, so that means I love 9five. I have a pair of their frames and I may have to add another one to my collection.

A good pair of sunnies you can wear all year long. Doesn’t matter on the temp. I remember sporting my shades in middle school during the winter. Other students laughed and looked at times, but I didn’t care. I was fresh! Plus the glare from the snow is killer in January. Cutler & Gross Gradient […]

$320 (Luxist)

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