Are you sexy Moguls? Some of you may think you are when in actuality you are struggling at being average.  There is a thin line between being sexy and not sexy, and some of you jump that line like it ain’t a thing. Half the time when you don’t even know you are failing the […]

Moguls this is one sexy commercial, and if you guys or ladies ever have a shindig like this please invite me!!! Penelope Cruz directs this Agent Provocateur ad that features some type of lingerie orgy of some sort. We have ladies laying all on the floor looking rather good. 5 stars from us!!!



I’d love to know the artist and official name of this piece…but until then…we’ll go with mine 😉 Enjoy  

Ladies & Gentlemen…Love 4 Dream…  

Since Aisha’s first appearance in UML‘s Daily Fresh feature back in December of 2010 was such a big hit, I have no idea why I never followed it up with more. It’s actually one of the most popular posts in UML’s history…digg that?? In honor of Aisha’s strong and consistent support of our cause…we pay our […]

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