Sesame Street

I don’t know about you Moguls, but I am sure I would enjoy a nibble or two of Halle Berry. And while I’m at it, she can nibble me right back!!!

Elmo came after my day. I was a Grover fan all the way. And if Super Grover hit the screen, awww sh*t!!! However, I know Elmo is like the new millennium Grover, so this film is just for you. Or at least your kids.

We love these little mash-up videos, especially when they involve Muppets! Here Cookie Monster and friends bug out to The Beastie Boys.

Hey Shorty, this was before your time. I think I had the 45″ when I was coming up.

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I know this is before some your time, but for old-school Moguls we remember this. The Electric Company was for those of us that graduated from Sesame Street but still needed our PBS fix. It’s cast featured  Bill Cosby along with Morgan Freeman. But the highlight for me and millions of other young Moguls was […]

Looks like Zoe knows how to dress for Sesame Street. No flash for Elmo and friends.

This is what happens when you combine two internet sensations. Willow Smith provides the music, while Sesame Street gives us the visuals. Thanks to Mec Jagger for actually putting the two together. Maybe this will lead Willow to actually going to Sesame Street and performing with Elmo?

We usually don’t see this one TV, but Sesame Street tackles the subject through a nice little song and dance. Hopefully this song will instill more self-confidence in all girls, especially African-American children.  

Not having kids has its benefits. I am able to trick money without feeling like I am depriving someone of a pair of shoes. I can kick it when I want to without the need of looking for a babysitter. I can walk around Ocean Manor in my socks without stepping on an action figure, […]

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