Looks like this Entourage movie will be just as good as the series. How many of you Moguls are waiting for this movie?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets shot!! That is the tone of the latest HBO Boardwalk Empire trailer, it starts out all sing songy but somewhere aliong the way it gets real. I will be in front of the tv wg=hen this kicks back off September 25th.


I’m no True Blood fan.  Something about vampires that don’t eat people just ain’t right.  But while I was channel surfin’ one day I saw this pretty little chocolate lady run across the screen..  Now she was sweatin’ like Patrick Ewing in the fourth, covered in blood and looked scared as hell…but I knew she […]

A “supportive” She-Mogul and True Blood(HBO) fan sent us this one…

I’m a big fan of history and all things non-fiction.  I guess this is the reason the docu-dramas airing on the major cable networks are such a hit with me. The real life drama and  historical significance has made such series’ as Rome (HBO), John Adams (HBO), Deadwood (HBO) and The Tudors (Showtime) massive hits for the networks […]

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