Not a good look!!! It is hot now and some of us like to bend rules a little. Or rather I say act like we don’t have any common sense. We throw fashion rules out the window once the temp goes past 75 degrees, all of sudden it is raid the closet and wear what […]

Even though outside old man winter stubborn ass just won’t die, we still must prepare for the spring season. Because when the weather gets nice and the women get fine…., you know the one. After a good season of heavy materials such as wool and corduroy, your Cool is screaming for a switch up in […]

With gaining the privilege to use email, comes great responsibility. Just like all other forms of communication, there are rules we should all follow. UML has put together a list for us all to follow to make the emailing experience enjoyable for all parties involved. 1) Be careful when you use reply all. Does everyone […]

Tom Ford drops his jewelz on how to be a modern gentleman in today’s world. 1. You should put on the best version of yourself when you go out in the world because that is a show of respect to the other people around you. 2. A gentleman today has to work. People who do […]

Cats be lost as hell when it comes to style and fashion. First understand that style is classic, fashion is temporary. So when you base your style off of fashion you risk looking like yesterday before you even step out of the house. That would be a no-no. But the problem lies in the fact […]

  We all should live by an order that is higher than ourselves. Whether it be religion, morals, or codes, we should all have something that guides our day to day. For me I like to call this guiding force Jewelz. For years I have giving you Jewelz of the Day which are nothing more […]

Everyone runs a little late from time to time. But  a Mogul knows how to play it and still remain smooth throughout the ordeal. If you are running late, you should call and let the party know immediately. (Not a party-party because they may not care when you get there if at all, but the […]

Well Moguls, my time as a single man is pretty much about done. Kaput. Finito. Wrapped with a bow. And that is a good thing. This process has been short in time but long in stress. I have seen my pretty much cool fiance slowly crack as the day gets closer and closer. I guess […]

Well Moguls NFL season is in full swing, and by now unless you are a loner you should have been to a party or two. I have. And like clockwork I’m always reminded on what I need not do while attending these get togethers. And for your reading pleasure I have provided you with 5 […]

1. Never go for a tray that is not in your zone. 2. Don’t chase a tray around the room. 3. Ladies first. 4. Never take more than one from the same tray. 5. Never take the last on the tray. 6. Never put anything back on the tray. 7. If you don’t know what […]

No matter how hype the party is, a Mogul should never dance with his hands above his head.

Moguls don’t take part in gossiping no matter how juicy the story is. If gossip is going on around him/her it is wise to remain silent, or smoothly change the subject. Nothing good comes out of gossiping.

You don’t wanna be caught doing this! Every Mogul should know when and how to kiss a woman. You don’t ever want to be one of the lames who get caught out there kissing someone inappropriately and end up with the palm to the face that slaps the piss out of you. The Air Kiss […]

Logo belts or old-school belts with your name or initials. Should I continue????? Buckles that have you looking like Cowboy Bob Orton is not acceptable unless you are out in the frontier hunting wild buffalo. If this is not your style, hopefully that belt isn’t either. Your belt should be big enough to fill the […]

Men read this and take notes! Posh has broken down her 10 Style Rules for men to Details Magazine. 1. Style isn’t about money. One of the nicest outfits on a man is a pair of jeans, some old, messed-up boots, a simple white tee, and a vintage leather belt. You don’t have to spend […]

We all like to get a little comfy in the office from time to time, but any good Mogul should know the limits. We don’t want the office to look like a bedroom. Not a good look or environment. To help you with your office experience, UML has developed guidelines for you to follow so […]

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