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Just like that Jermaine Cole is back with a new album. But this time he is taking his strategy to the next level, which means no strategy. Just dropping the album for the masses on December 9th. “This time I’m releasing no singles, just the album. See you in 3 weeks. Thank you for the […]

After 5 years, J. Cole finally drops the official video for his classic track…. Lights Please.

If you have about one hour to spend, check out J Cole being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Jermaine Cole, also known as rapper J Cole, opens up to the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins about his long journey to the top of the music industry, helped by his mentor Jay-Z and his formal […]

JAY Z finally drops the visuals to perhaps the hottest song on Magna Carta Holy Grail, Picasso Baby. The studded video places Hov in a art museum as a “piece of art” that is having one on one conversations with the guest. JAY Z once again has raised the bar in hip hop. What you […]

He is man known as “The Sound of New York” we’re proud to present our interview with Jay-Z’s Official DJ and recording engineer Young Guru. We caught up with Young Guru when he came to Canada for a mini DJ Tour and he was lecturing at Google Canada headquarters in Toronto. We touched on Piracy, […]

  Roc Nation Sports is leaving no stone unturned. Jay-Z’s sports agency is having no difficulty snatching up the big names.

  As you all know Jay-Z, Hova, Lucky Lefty, The Black Branch Rickey has some new music coming out, and the whole world is holding it’s collective breath. But I know some of us are wondering “will it be good?” Well instead of wondering I am telling you why it needs to hit!!! Hov needs […]

Young Guru stops by FUSE to drop a jewel or two on his recording process, studio set up and record collection.

Well what do we have here! Ya boy Hov looks to be dropping a new album in about 3 weeks. Jay-Z’s big announcement was that he is reloaded and ready to lick shots on July 4th with his next collection of music “Magna Carta Holy Grail”. We don’t know much more than that, but I […]

  Could it be the mixtape rumored to be dropping July 4th? Or could it be something based around the Samsung $20 million deal? Or maybe Dame and Jay have made peace and have a new project on the horizon? Whatever it may make sure you Moguls tune in.

I think I am more excited to hear J.Cole’s latest album than Kanye West’s Yeezus. Especially after his Saturday Night Live performance didn’t spark anymore anticipation from me. Well today the tracklist to J. Cole’s Born Sinner dropped and I must say….  June 18th needs to hurry up and bring it’s ass on. 01. Villuminati […]

  Jay Electronica is an interesting mc who seems to cherish the fact that he hasn’t dropped an album yet. I have been waiting for ole boy album so long that I now have no anticipation for it whatsoever. By now the Nawlins native should be on his second major album release. But in the […]

Remember Rihanna’s 777 Tour? You know 7 shows in 7 days in 7 countries. Well here is the documentary in case you missed it the other night.

Part 1 of J. Cole’s series; a conceptual digital platform created by the Dreamville collective. The first installment documents the day J.Cole retired his mother Kay Cole from her job at the United States Postal Service.  The site will feature unique, personally curated content each week leading up to the release of his highly […]

What is y’all feelings on her new album?

Rihanna is about to milk it for what it’s worth I see?? The Island Beauty will release her upcoming album, Unapologetic for $250!!! OK it will be the exclusive Diamonds Executive Platinum Box, but for real $250? So you are probably asking, “Just what comes with that price tag!!” I am glad you asked. You get….. collectible colored “Diamonds”

Rihanna in the sky with diamonds!! Without the help of Google, I could not tell you how many albums Rihanna has dropped in her career. But what I can tell you is that it seems like she has a new album dropping every 5 months!! Here is her new song Diamonds. Let us know how […]

At this point of the game, I don’t get excited. I have Nas and Rick Ross to tie me over for a few months. So I am trying not to buy into the hype. But today Jay Electronica released a screen cap of the tracklist to his debut album Act II: Patents Of Nobility. Not sure what […]

Rita Ora takes us back to school on the cover of Complex magazine.

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