Diddy and Mase hit the stage last weekend for Drake’s OVO Fest. It marked the first time in 9 years that the duo performed together. We wonder if that means we will see something else from these two.  We mean the world is a better place whenever Mase and Diddy drops records.

  Well look at here….. It’s The Roc!!!! Jay Z and Dame Dash were in the same place at the same time and looked rather cool about it. The two long-time “cold beefing” ex-business partners have been talking nice about each other recently. And from the looks of the happy faces all is good, or […]

It has been a minute since we last saw these Brooklyn cats. For those of you who don’t know 3rd Bass was probably the second most loved group of white mc’s south of The Beastie Boys. Gas Face by itself can turn any throwback Thursday into high gear. Here MC Serch and Pete Nice perform […]

  Word on the curb is that a New Edition reunion including Bobby Brown is in the works!!

It is good to see the Dipset back together smiling and laughing like they never left!! Be on the lookout for some new music Black Friday!!

Hip Hop fans around the world are smiling 🙂 But let’s not get too excited too quick… You can't stop good music from reachin' the general public. Let's hope this joint actually makes the final cut of Sir Lucious Left Foot but in the meantime, get your groove on. Dopeness! … Read More via Rap […]

Hahaha! These cats right here were the perfect example of my school Fresh for about a year. I remember coming home and watching House Party daily!! Popping in the video tape and letting it serve as atmosphere backdrop and occasionally looking up to watch my favorite parts was what I did. The high-top fade, rayon […]

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