So now that the presidential candidates have been narrowed down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the real fun begins. Over the last month or so once it became clear that Bernie Sanders would not get the Democratic nod from the delegates and the people they represent, his supporters huffed, puffed and proclaimed that they […]

Samuel Jackson is not known for holding his tongue, so this tweet doesn’t really surprise me. Jackson took to Twitter Monday to question why the GOP Convention is being spared from Hurricane Isaac and not New Orleans? Fair enough, it could be something he asked himself. But it is catching some flack from the Grand […]

Looks like Keith Olbermann is basically accusing the Pres of shucking and jiving for the Republicans!! Damn Olbermann lost his cool!!

Below is a selection from the Black Republicans series on The Urban Politico¬† entitled “Black Republicans: The Beginning” This series was inspired by the following question heard all throughout the Black Community from the blogosphere to the barber shop: “How in the hell could a Black person ever vote Republican?!?!?” Although, lately, many of us […]

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