The other day Michael Jai White penned a letter to all of the women that he loved before apologizing for not loving them. It seems that for all of his life Michael was the dude who never appreciated a woman until the right one came along and left him wide open. Here is his letter…… […]

I love Facebook, after all these years I still have love for you Facebook. If used correctly, Facebook is like customizable white pages that give updates. But if it is abused, Facebook can be one major high blower; DAILY! We all have those friends, family members, associates, third grade teachers, or ¬†whathaveyou that always seem […]

Ok, you the Louie Vuitton Don! Can probably have the baddest model,chick, hoodrat, queen, girl next door, whatever you want. The choice is yours. Why would you get caught out there simpin? Yeah Amber Rose was your girl, we know that. And you just may love her, no problem there. BUT you know she with […]

She talks Whiz, Kanye, and drops a few pics for her adoring fans. Enjoy ūüėČ

50 Cent took time to speak about his “friend” Chelsea Handler in the new Vibe magazine. ‚ÄúChelsea is confident. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person. She‚Äôs the kind of person that if you‚Äôre blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her, you‚Äôll enjoy it. I‚Äôm not sure you‚Äôll look at […]

The Obama Presidency has yielded some of the most riveting photographs of any in my recent memory. The country’s fascination with the first couple, for a multitude of reasons, has forced a level of transparency and openness that isn’t always seen. Amidst all of the controversy and pressure of position…it’s nice to see shots like […]

Any reasonable Man or woman will eventually contemplate the importance the¬†concept of God will have in their own life. ¬†After all, whether you call yourself a believer or not, it is virtually impossible to coexist on this planet without encountering the concept. ¬†If you should so decide that a relationship with God is something you […]

When Mo’Nique first burst on the scene I wasn’t sure that I would ever see her as a voice of reason in relationships. As a matter of fact, I was never in any real hurry to watch an episode of her show. What did catch my attention was an article I read regarding the relationship […]

¬† Word from the herd is¬†that Halle is back on the market! Her and her Baby’s Daddy Gabriel Aubry has decided to call it a day. So the question I have is what is it about Ms. Berry if even she can’t keep a man? Does she have the attitude from hell? Does her feet […]

A new biography on the Billionaire Media-Mogul reveals that Oprah and John Tesh (you know…Entertainment Tonight host, radio guy with all the quirky info, etc) were once a live in couple! ¬†John conirms the story….click¬†here for the full scoop. Who’d a thunk it???

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