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Just look over your shoulder honey…. 😉

Real talk Moguls, this new R. Kelly album will change your life!! Yo boy Kellz put it down in such a way that it leaves no doubt that he put the R in R&B! (Okay I’m tripping,, but there is still no denying his importance to the genre the last twenty years!) Mr. Robert Kelly […]

Since I roasted Miss Keri a couple days ago for suiciding her sexy with the release of her latest video “The Way You Love Me”, I think it’s only fair that we take a couple of moments to mourn the passing of, and reflect on the beauty that WAS Keri Hilson. ..Cuz once you go […]

R. Kelly shows ya’ll why he is the King of R&B!! Mr. Pied Piper. If you are anything like me, you probably missed this performance or the whole show. (They better stop putting these shows on during Sunday Night Football!) But this set is one that shouldn’t be missed. 

Keri Hilson dropped a video for her new single “The Way You Love Me”.  In it, she sheds her self-respect for a solid 6 minutes and proceeds to lick and dry hump all of the hardened steel she can find.  If sexy was what she was shootin’ for, she overshot her mark by a large margin.  The […]

Kelis keeps it simple and white in her new video.

Janet Jackson will hit the road in 2011 and wants her fan to select the 35 cities she will visit. “Today I’m really excited to announce my largest ever world tour, celebrating 35 number ones,” Janet stated via AOL Music. “This tour will be different from those of the past in the way that I […]

Diddy x Usher – Lookin For Love   Ciara x Usher – Turn It Up   Tank – Fix Me  

What has happened to r&b music, is it all but gone? For the last few years r&b music has lost more and more of its soul. I am not one to listen to the radio, thanks to my trusty iPod. But the few times I do come across a set, more and more it’s beginning […]

Looks like this 4th quarter will be as busy as usual as many big name artist plan on dropping disc. This holiday season we should all have enough new music to stuff stockings for all of the good ones on our list. Rihanna will release her new album  on November 16th. Are we ready for […]

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Some Love Songs are great because they talk about new love.  Some Love Songs are great because they sing about lost love.  This Love Song is great…because it’s a great song about the importance of Love….

Are we still checking for Ne-Yo??

Somewhere along the way in the music industry, the idea of a “Good” Love Song went from “you are my heaven”….to “you remind me of a jeep”. I know I’m aging and all, but if I should ever, in an attempt to get a woman’s “attention”, tell her that she reminds me of a rugged […]

The world’s of Hip-Hop and R&B music have joined forces to bring us some of the best music on the planet!  The question I want to answer is: Which Hip Hop x R&B collabo will go down as The Greatest Of All Time?!?! Before I write these, I often ask  a few other well versed […]

One of the best things about this gig is the amount of music that gets dropped off in our in-boxes! I am one for new music, in fact I hold the flag high for up and coming artist. Nothing is more refreshing than some new music coming through the speakers that is actually good. Sa’mya […]

Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y Eddie Floyd – Knock On Wood Deon Jackson – Ooh Baby

This is a MG duet you rarely hear people talk about. The song is full of passion and has great lyrics. I’m not even a Diana Ross fan..but this joint screams LOVE 🙂

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