Barack Obama takes his Presidential Cool to the pages of Rolling Stone Italy. Who ya with in 2012?

Sarah Palin says that if she runs for office, the seat will be hers to take. What you think Moguls? Is it Palin in 2012?


I’ll let you Moguls write your own caption for this one….

There is so much we can all learn from the Egyptian Fight The Power version 2011! Hopefully in a few weeks we will see similar cover about Wisconsin and Darth Walker!!

The Obama Presidency has yielded some of the most riveting photographs of any in my recent memory. The country’s fascination with the first couple, for a multitude of reasons, has forced a level of transparency and openness that isn’t always seen. Amidst all of the controversy and pressure of position…it’s nice to see shots like […]

  Hey…that ain’t Barack!! And he looks old as hell to be attending anybody’s prom!

Looks like Sean Penn is still not finished discussing his thoughts on Wyclef and his recent bid to run for the presidential election. As you all know Wyclef was denied running due to his failure of meeting residency requirements. I have talked to a few friends about Sean being critical of Wyclef and it has […]

Barack celebrates his 49th today. We see you Mr. President.

Haitian born Singer/Producer/Activist, Wyclef Jean has released a statement saying he will be “involved” in the  November 28th election for President of the earthquake devastated country, but the extent of that involvement is yet to be determined.  Wyclef has led a tireless fight to bring attention and assistance to the plight of his native country. […]

Thanks to one of our wonderful female viewers….UML is now committed to bringing you the Daily Cool on a daily basis 🙂  Here’s to equal opportunity Eye Candy!

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