TV/film can be a remarkable thing, can’t it? Sometimes it can make you laugh. While other times you might get touched. After witnessing Raina die which was perhaps the saddest scene in the history of Black television, I had to go back and recollect on the moments I got in my chest over a tv […]

Social media debates can bring out the touchy side of folks, especially when there is a topic that both sides have strong opinions about. I’ve seen people threaten to kick ass outside after work at 5:00 sharp!! These last few months folks have been catching feelings like colds around my timeline, and the whole situation […]

The Wisdom of John Henrik Clarke…

In honer of Black Music Month Essence online drops their 50 Most Powerful R&B Artist of All-Time list. Your usuals are there like Arthea Franklin, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige and Prince. 1. Aretha Franklin 2. Michael Jackson 3. Mary J Blige 4. Diana Ross 5. Whitney Houston 6. Beyonce 7. Patti LaBelle 8. Teena […]

Kanye has decided to release a line of designer scarves with designs inspired by his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He will release five editions of 100, each depicting various designs of artist George Condo, who designed West’s controversial album cover. Each design will reference the 5 various themes from the album: Power, Phoenix, […]

Black Enterprise takes a look at the effect Jay-Z has on the products and brands he chooses to endorse, whether through his music, or endorsement deal. Click the image for more…  

This track is like a greatest hits recap of my college career. Back in those days, every hour was a “power” hour. Live it young man! Live it up!!

This is art at its finest moment. I must have watched this video about 6 times just to see if I can pick up on any secrets. You know the mysteries. And I must say that I have been let in. I am now one of the holders of the universals, and I can’t share […]

Power vs Purpose The power within wanting to implode I allow all feelings to flow I feel it seeping through the vessels Every particle every morsel infected A good infection The power conceived Through sun through light ultimate energy source I know the fight The unknown has taken its course The power delivered The universe […]

Say what ya want bout your boy 50 aka Curtis Jackson, but this cat is a damn genius. Period

50 has big plans to wrap this decade up. He has a new cd “Before I Self Destruct”, and a movie of the same title; he also has a Jam Master Jay Documentary dropping, a new book, and now a new fragrance. 50 and Chris Lighty’s company Lighthouse Fragrance will release Power Nov. 5. The […]

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