Growing up I always wondered why I call soda, soda; but Ma Dukes would call it coke. And better yet the good ole folks in Chicago called it pop. Now from looking at this map I can see exactly where the boundaries are set. Now the next question is how much of the country […]

*Disclaimer- I know at times I can come off harsh, but I mean no disrespect to any artist living or dead. By no way am I trying to place any person’s life over any others. But I have to ask, have we lost the last of our Icons? The other day our world was rocked, […]

Rihanna has to be the hardest working lady in the music biz!!! It seems like as soon as you finish playing one of her albums, another one is waiting for you to listen to.  And since she doesn’t want to let us down, Ri-Ri has a new disc to keep you warm this winter. Her […]

Cee-Lo drops his (we lost count) video for Cry Baby.

*Not the official title of this piece


(See the good thing about the “Songs of the Summer” series is that not all the songs selected came out in the summer. I am not sure when of these songs actually dropped, I just know they crossed my radar one summer day, making them forever in my mind a summer song.) While the other […]


Rihanna has received a little flack for her latest video, Man Down, in which she is shown doing some domestic violence to a poor young man. And I guess it is safe to say, the red-head isn’t one to be picked one. I’m a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What’s up with everybody wantin me to […]

So the tracklist for the next Beyonce opus recently dropped, and the Moguls have circled track 5 featuring Andre 3000!! It is as rare as a unicorn running in your kitchen with a leprechaun riding it. It just don’t happen that often unless you are under-the-influence. But somehow Mrs. Carter has pulled it off!!! Check […]

What ya think Moguls?? You ready for some new Beyonce?

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