I couldn’t make this up if I tried for 30 minutes. A pool party turned into a chemistry experiment gone wrong in Mexico when organizers poured liquid nitrogen into the pool, creating a noxious fog that put one man in a coma and sickened eight others. The nitrogen formed a thick cloud over the pool […]

I don’t fool around with pools too much. But if I had this in my backyard, I damn sure would splash around in it!!! Ballin out of control!!

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“Blue Temple” isn’t the official name of this photo. It’s just what I call it. As with many of the beautiful photos you can find on the web, it was uncredited where I found it. But it is truly beautiful and serene.

  The game is called “Knokkers” and it is played with 6 pound bowling balls. Don’t know about you all, but you can count us in!! Life Files

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