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Mr & Mrs. Carter took in a Nets game recently and seemed to enjoy themselves. On a sidenote, Hov must be working on a new album because he has the Jackson Five starter afro jumping off.

It’s official…I don’t give a D@mn if I don’t ever see another picture of Beyonce…KR is my Destiny Child of Choice!!! 🙂

The term Watts Riots of 1965 refers to a large-scale riot which lasted 6 days in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in August 1965. By the time the riot subsided, 34 people had been killed, 1,032 injured, and 3,438 arrested. It would stand as the most severe riot in Los Angeles history until […]

In honor of Valentines Day… 😉


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Now…I know this pic popped up over a week ago…but it’s too fly not to grace the pages of UML. The happy couple stepped out to Madison Square Garden to catch a game lookin’ like they had been freshly dipped in style! Look out Swizz….I think I feel a covet comin’ on.. 😉

The Obama Presidency has yielded some of the most riveting photographs of any in my recent memory. The country’s fascination with the first couple, for a multitude of reasons, has forced a level of transparency and openness that isn’t always seen. Amidst all of the controversy and pressure of position…it’s nice to see shots like […]

“Blue Temple” isn’t the official name of this photo. It’s just what I call it. As with many of the beautiful photos you can find on the web, it was uncredited where I found it. But it is truly beautiful and serene.

A little Mogul Nostalgia never hurt anybody…here’s a favorite from my younger days…

…Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman on their marriage. Thumbs up to Carlos for finding one of the finest 51-year-old women I’ve ever seen! She and Sade must be drinking out of the same fountain!! 🙂

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Damn it looks like Shaq is kicking it with a midget!!!

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