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    Taylor stepped in the place all straightened out!!

I have been around a few moons and I can safely say I have never seen Whitney Houston with weight on her. Is it steak or 9 months?

Ladies and gentlemen…isn’t SHE lovely???

  So this must be how players play! I can’t recall another famous couple who gets it in more than Jay-Z and Beyonce. One moment they are chillin at an NBA playoff game, then you may catch them overseas at some music festival, then they magically appear at the French Open. It wouldn’t surprise me if I […]

The last time we visited this subject, we took a moment to recognize the timeless and unmistakable beauty that is Vanessa Williams.  In a world where physical beauty can be bought, inner beauty is under valued, and most people’s definition of beauty runs about as deep as a plastic wading pool, we have to thank […]

  Doesn’t she just ooze with Fresh!

Here are a few pics of Jay-Z hanging out with Jack White of the White Strips. The two supposedly recorded a song called Ray-Bans, hopefully we will get to hear this joint on of these days. It should sound interesting to say the least.

Before all the “work”…

Don’t know her name…but I’d stand in line to find out 😉

One of my favorite chocolate flavored people in all the world…

I’m guessing Lola had something to do with that whole “drink the bath water” idea… It never appealed to me before, but then I saw…

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