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  If you know Danny P, then you know that I am from Milwaukee and I love ESPN. But after this goof-up all I can do is give ESPN the gas-face. Check out this graphic of what ESPN thinks Wisconsin looks like. Isn’t that Minnesota? What the fuck??? For real? Y’all just gone sit up […]

  Bill Murray looks like FDR in this still picture from the movie Hyde Park On Hudson.

Urban Mogul Life’s favorite lady is dropping her 30th cd later this month, and here is the tracklist! Rihanna has to be the hardest working women in pop music!

Gayle King loves 50 Cent so much that she got him tattooed on her arm. Now I know this is fake, or should I say I hope to goodness that it is. But fake or not, 50 is winning!!!

  Jessica Simpson took to Twitter to share a picture of herself using a public bathroom barefoot!!! Makes no sense does it? Who walks into a bathroom barefoot not named Britney Spears? In about 2 weeks she wil a rash something terrible on her dogs. Just wait and see.

Artwork by Charis Tsevis.  

Exclusive Official Hood Thought Process while in Progress: “Damn dude! Somebody dinn stole mah bahbecue grill ‘n’ shit…wudafock imma do now? Mah ladee want me to grill deez poke chops & I ain’t got no grill ‘n’ shit….hmmmmm. BINGO! All I gotta do iz take diss here shoppin’ buggy, turn diss mudafocka ova and BAMM!!! […]

This puts things into perspective doesn’t it? We seem so small out in all that darkness. This picture was taken from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft. The craft is on it’s way to Jupiter and took this image of Earth as it was deep in space somewhere.

It’s almost like Charlie Sheen was never there. Isn’t it? How many of you will still watch the show this fall? Do you think Ashton Kutcher will keep it floating?




Wonder what Pharrell and Timbaland have cooked up for Missy Elliott?

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